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Priority Planner

ReactJS | Firebase | HTML | SCSS

Live Repo

A daily planner to help organize your task. After login users can add task to specified section by clicking the + on the top left corner

Features: User authentication, drag and drop task from section to section

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Please Reply

ReactJS | RESTful API | Node.js | Firebase | HTML | CSS

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Current Project in the Working

One of the best ways to get people involved in your group is to create an event and invite them!

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ReactJS | RESTful API | Firebase | HTML | CSS

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A website that uses Google Books API that allows users to search books by title and save books to a reading list where they can further sort them into 3 categories

Features: UX clicking on the author name or genre of a book will return a new list of books based on the author or genre, and dark mode

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You Are What You Listen To

jQuery | HTML | CSS

Live Repo

Playing around with jQuery, a for fun music quiz app where user tries to guess a title of a song before time is up.

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Is the Book Better?

ReactJS | RESTful API | HTML | CSS

Live Repo

The debate is heated and we all want to know if the book or the movie is better. A group programming project, Is the Book Better? Will compare the ratings of each to establish whether the movie or book version was better.

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A Recipe for Success

ReactJS | RESTful API | HTML | CSS | Firebase

Live Repo

A Recipe for Success is an app where you can search for food recipes based on several parameters (keywords, diet type, and meal type). You can also save and view any recipe for future reference.

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Pokemon x Wordle

JavaScript | RESTful API | HTML | CSS | Sass

Live Repo

A paired programming project, Pokemon x Wordle is a guessing game where you try to guess the randomly chosen Pokemon within 6 tries with a Wordle-inspired concept. There are 4 levels of difficulty to choose from.

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Sanctuary Helpers

HTML | CSS | Sass

Live Repo

Multi-page PSD conversion. Bring the designer’s vision to life with a fully-functional and responsive website using HTML and CSS techniques