Frontend Developer, Based in Toronto.

Hello my name is Alvin.

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About me

Who am I

I am a Front End Developer based in Toronto.

I have a background in customer service and hospitality.

I love problem solving, getting things done, and learning along the way.

Why did I become a developer?

The challenge, the learning, the growth. The feeling that comes with building something that is use by so many others are wonderful and fulfilling.


Languages + Frameworks


My work

screen shot of Daily-planner homepage

Daily Planner

ReactJS | Firebase | HTML | SCSS

Live Repo

A daily planner to help organize your task. After login users can add task to specified section by clicking the + on the top left corner

Features: User authentication, drag and drop task from section to section

screen shot of bookque homepage


ReactJS | RESTful API | Firebase | HTML | CSS

Live Repo

A website that uses Google Books API that allows users to search books by title and save books to a reading list where they can further sort them into 3 categories

Features: UX clicking on the author name or genre of a book will return a new list of books based on the author or genre, and dark mode

screen shot of pokemon x wordle homepage

Pokemon x Wordle

JavaScript | RESTful API | HTML | CSS | Sass

Live Repo

A paired programming project, Pokemon x Wordle is a guessing game where you try to guess the randomly chosen Pokemon within 6 tries with a Wordle-inspired concept. There are 4 levels of difficulty to choose from.

screen shot of sanctuary helpers homepage

Sanctuary Helpers

HTML | CSS | Sass

Live Repo PNG

Multi-page PSD conversion. Bring the designer’s vision to life with a fully-functional and responsive website using HTML and CSS techniques


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